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Cozy Up 2022! Adult Winter Packet Request Form

  1. Form Instructions - PACKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PICK UP AT YOUR REQUESTED LIBRARY BEGINNING MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 2022. Packet supplies are limited; please fill out a separate form for each adult.

    Requesting packets for congregate living or social centers? Email with your contact information and we will respond shortly. 

  2. Select your age range.*
  3. Select the library where you want to pick up your Cozy Up 2022 packet:*
  4. Your packet will include an artist-created Make-It project. Tell us what you like. Check as many as you want.*
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  6. IF YOU ARE HOMEBOUND, you may request to have your packet mailed to you:

    Complete the boxes below only if homebound and requesting a mailed packet.

  7. Complete mailing address information only if homebound and requesting a mailed packet.

  8. Cozy Up! Adult Winter Activity Packets are funded by Scott County Library and the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage (Legacy) Fund.
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