What are the top three Scott County salaried positions?

2019 Salary Compliance Notice 

Chapter 156 of the Session Laws of 2005 [471.701] [SALARY DATA.]
A city or county with a population of more than 15,000 must annually notify its residents of the positions and base salaries of its three highest-paid employees. This notice may be provided on the homepage of the primary Web site maintained by the political subdivision for a period of not less than 90 consecutive days, in a publication of the political subdivision that is distributed to all residents in the political subdivision, or as part of the annual notice of proposed property taxes prepared under section 275.065.

The following information is provided pursuant to this statute:

  • County Administrator - $178,242
  • Health and Human Services Director - $161,349
  • CFO/Deputy County Administrator - $159,135

This notice is published January 14, 2019.

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1. What are the top three Scott County salaried positions?
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