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FINAL MAP_2022 Construction

Fiber Interconnect for ATMS Phase 2

Phase 3 of Scott County’s Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) project will connect signals along CH 21, CH 42, and CH 83 to the County’s fiber network

CH 17 Trail Project

The pedestrian/bike overpass closes a trail gap and provides a facility that crosses TH 169 and gives a direct pedestrian link to the Marschall Road Transit Center. A trail segment gap and a pedestrian/bike overpass of TH 169 will be constructed along the west side of CH 17 from CH 16 to the NW ramp of TH 169 in the city of Shakopee.  

CH 83 Reconstruction Project 

The County Road 83 (Canterbury Road) Construction Project will be converting the existing 4-lane undivided highway into a 4-lane divided highway with center medians. The new design will also include trails on both sides of the road. As a part of this work, crews will also be replacing the underground utilities.

CH 15 & CH 16 Traffic Signal 

This project includes the installation of a traffic control signal at the intersection of CH 15 and CH 16 as well as road widening to accommodate the construction of a raised median on CH 15 through the intersection with CH 16.  

CH 27: Reconstruction from CH 21 to CH 44

The project will expand the existing two-lane rural section to a four-lane urban roadway consistent with the County Highway 27 Corridor Study between CH 21 and CH 44 in Credit River Township. 

CH 21 & Revere Way Intersection Improvements

The City of Prior Lake, in partnership with Scott County, is making improvements to the CSAH 21/Revere Way intersection. The project will include reconstructing the existing offset intersection. The existing connection between 170th Street and CSAH 21 will be closed and realigned with Revere Way to eliminate the existing offset intersection.