CH 17 Reconstruction (Phase II)

  • Construction Year: 2015-2016
  • Community: Shakopee
  • Corridor Served: CH 17
  • Project Lead: Scott County
  • Partners: City of Shakopee

Project Details

Construction began August 6, 2015 and is divided into 4 phases but is subject to change.

August 6, 2015: Phase 1 Construction Began
September 2015: Phase 2 Construction Began
2016: Phase 3 and 4

Phase 1:
Constructed the west side or the new road (SB lanes) between Wood Duck Trail and Dominion Avenue and had minimal interruption to traffic.

Phase 2:
Constructed the roadway between CH42 and Wood Duck Trail, and the east side of the road (NB lanes) between Wood Duck Trail and Dominion Avenue. Phase 2 construction represented the majority of the work and required a full closure of CH17 between CH42 and Wood Duck Trail. Wood Duck Trail remained open to local traffic during that time. During Phase 2, CH17 through traffic was routed to CH83 via CH42 and CH16. The Phase 2 closure ended November 20, 2015.

Phase 2a Jennifer:
Jennifer Lane Project began September 8, 2015. Contractor has completed all sanitary sewer, water main, and storm sewer work. They placed gravel on road bed, and completed the grading of slopes and boulevards.

Phase 3 & 4:
Constructs the median between Dominion Avenue and CH78 and replacement of the final bituminous lift (wear course). These phases will require only short term lane closures. Beginning late Spring 2016, Contractor will begin installing concrete curb and paving roadway.


Continue reconstruction of CH 17 to a four-lane divided roadway. Expand the existing two-lane rural section to a four-lane urban roadway consistent with the County Highway 17 / Trunk Highway 13 Corridor Study.

Purpose & Justification

The purpose of this project is to increase safety and capacity of this segment of highway through lane expansion, intersection modifications, and access closures. Completion of this project will create a four-lane divided highway from U.S. 169 to County Highway 42.

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