Small Business Disposal Fees

Visit our Business Bulb Collection on the 1st Tuesday of each month
9 a.m. to noon
588 Country Trail East (Highway 282)
Spring Lake Township

No appointment is necessary for the following items, during this date and time. All other items and times by appointment only. The following prices apply for wastes from local businesses.

Pricing Information

All prices are subject to change. If you don’t see one of your wastes on this list, please call for a price at 952-496-8477.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Fee - $60 per hour. Note: there is usually no Assistance Fee, since there is no charge if less than 30 minutes.
*For the purpose of fee estimation, 1 gallon of liquid weighs approximately 10 pounds.


Business Waste Price List

Type of Waste
Fluorescents - 4 feet and under, straight
$0.25 each
Fluorescents - Over 4 feet, straight
$0.45 each
Compact Fluorescent (CFL)
$0.40 each
Fluorescents - HID
$1.23 each
Fluorescents - U-bent and circular
$0.42 each
Fluorescents - Shatter-shield
$1.67 each
Broken Fluorescents
Lead Acid Batteries
Alkaline Batteries
Button Batteries
Lithium Batteries
Ni-Cad Batteries
Ni-MH Batteries
Heavy items and special items not listed above (without CRT) $0.25/pound
Heavy items and special items not listed above (with CRT) $0.25/pound
​Disassembled electronic items (circuit boards, CRT, scraps, etc) ​$0.25/pound
Appliances, Standard, Small: (window AC, microwave, dehumidifier, etc)  $10
Appliances, Standard, Large: (refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, water heater, water softener, etc)  $10
Mercury Thermostats (intact and Ampule/Vial not broken)
Mercury Ampule/Vial (intact) From Disassembled Thermostats
Mercury Debris (from Ampule/Vial/Thermometer that was broken)
Motor Oil
Oil Filters
$0.50 each
Acids $1.40/pound
Adhesives $1.40/pound
Aerosols $1.40/pound
Non-PCB Ballasts
Bases $1.40/pound
Carburetor Cleaner
Cleaning Agents $1.40/pound
Compressed gas cylinders (most)
Corrosives $1.40/pound
Degreasers $1.40/pound
Gasoline, Flammables, Solvents, and Thinners
Oil $0.10/gallon
Oil Filters
$0.50 each
Oily Rags/Sorbents
Latex Paint
Oil-Based Paint
Paint stripper
Pesticides $1.40/pound
Poisons $1.40/pound
Propane Cylinders
$1.45 - 1#
$7.25 2-100#
Solvent Rags
Thermostat (whole)- Mercury
Thermostat- Mercury
Miscellaneous Chemicals


Special items or sizes can carry an additional charge, call Scott County Environmental Health for more information.

Scott County reserves the right to refuse any load based on size of load and types of materials.

Electric Bills

Businesses may bring a copy of their local business electric bill and receive credit for the first 10 bulbs from your total bill once per year. Only one business (commercial) bill or statement per visit, regardless of the number of accounts.