Detailed Area Plan

The 2030 Comprehensive Plan recommended a small area plan for the 73-square mile portion of the county guided for permanent rural development. The Scott County Rural Residential Service Area Detailed Area Plan (DAP) was prepared and adopted by Scott County and four eastern townships (Spring Lake, Credit River, Cedar Lake, and New Market) in 2009. The purpose of the DAP is to: a) identify potential impacts of rural residential development build-out on the service area related to natural resources, transportation, recreation, storm water management and
public facilities; and b) recommend action steps necessary to mitigate these impacts.
Detail Area Plan Study Area

Detailed Area Plan Expected Outcomes

The Detailed Area Plan (DAP) addresses cumulative effects of development on natural resources, transportation, and storm water management and identifies effective mitigation strategies for the study area. Expected outcomes of the DAP process include:

  • Complete build-out analysis of the study area given planned densities
  • Inventory and assess condition of existing infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and surface water ponds and drainageways
  • Identify locations for township collector roads, needed turn-lanes and by-pass lanes, and opportunities for local road connectivity
  • Establish township road access and interconnection to County highways
  • Determine available water supply for drinking water and fire safety
  • Regional trail corridor planning
  • Providing desirable long-term development that maintains and preserves the natural and cultural character of the study area

DAP Study Documents