Lake Permits

Marine Events

A marine event is defined as:
“A gathering of persons engaged in (organized) activities on waters of the state or public property adjacent to those waters that, in the Sheriff’s opinion, would have an impact on public safety or natural resources.”


Temporary Structures

With regard to a Temporary Structures (includes Buoys (150 ft shoreline), Swim Rafts, Trampolines, etc.): MN Rule 6110.1800 states, “No person shall leave any temporary structure not extending from shore, or any buoy or sign in the waters of this state between the hours of sunset and sunrise without first obtaining a permit in writing therefore from the Sheriff of the county.”

If you have any questions regarding these permits, please contact Deputy Spencer Autenrieth at the Scott County Sheriff’s Office at 952-496-8865 or email.

***Application Process for Temporary Structures (Excluding Slalom Courses)***

As of 2017 we are no longer automatically updating temporary structure permits each year.  Applicants will need to apply online and the permit will be good for the next five (5) years from the date of your application. If you already have a permit, you will still need to re-apply; however, you may keep your current permit number already assigned to you as long as you indicate that number in the application. If you have any questions regarding this new process please contact Elizabeth Holbeck by phone at 952-496-8706 or by email

Slalom Course Information