Current Child Care Providers

Click on the tabs below to find forms, resources, and training materials for maintaining a current Child Care License. 

  1. Off Year Visit Forms

Off Year Visit Forms

  1. Authorization For Background Study (PDF) 
  2. Child Care Enrollment Form (PDF) 
  3. Time Away From Your Daycare Home (PDF) 
  4. Parent Survey (PDF)  
  5. Licensing Privacy Rights (PDF)


Please be sure to fully complete the forms above and submit by the deadline.  Please note: failure to do so may result in a delay of processing your paperwork.

Training Record

Your Develop Learning Record and training certifications will also need to be submitted with your renewal documents.

If you would like to give your licensor access to your Develop Learning record, which means you won't need to print it, please follow the directions below and inform your licensor that you have given access.

  1. Log in to your Develop account at
  2. Click on the "Employment" tab
  3. Click the blue "Add Position" button
  4. Select "Direct Care and Education Program"
  5. Search for ONLY YOUR DHS LICENSE NUMBER and click search, the scroll down (3rd search box down)
  6. Scroll down, then click on your name to select that program as your "Employer" and "Confirm"
  7. Fill out your position details

If you have any difficulties, please reach out to Develop directly at or 844-605-6938.

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