Land Development & Land Use Process

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Overview of the Development and Land Use Permit Process

Welcome to the Scott County development and land use permit process. Scott County's Planning Department staff are here to assist with making the development process as economical and efficient as possible. 

The links found on this page outline requirements and procedures which should be followed. The Planning Department is the primary contact throughout the review and approval process. 

Questions? Contact Planning staff anytime for assistance at 952-496-8475. 

Process Information for Developers

The following information needs to be prepared by the developer/applicant for a complete application. It serves as the basis for discussions between the developer, Planning Department, and Town Board representatives. 

The Development Review Team (DRT) process is intended to provide the Developer with an advisory review of the request through a sketch plan, without incurring major costs. Detailed requirements are in the Zoning (PDF) and Subdivision (PDF) Ordinances.

The approval process includes a unique partnership between your Town Board and Scott County. Learn more about Elected Officials across Scott County.

Township Responsibilities

  • The Township is the road authority and is responsible for planning, construction standards, and maintenance of the local road system.
  • They also are the responsible governmental unit for wetland issues (delineation and alteration approval) maintenance of drainage systems.
  • Local parks are also the responsibility of the Township.

County Responsibilities

We look forward to working with you throughout the process.