Family Contact


  • Personal phone calls are limited to (5) calls per week excluding an initial intake call.
  • Phone calls are 10 minutes in length.
  • All callers must be a legal guardian or on a list approved by the referring agent.
  • Residents can make and/or receive calls during this time.
Day(s) Start Time
End Time
Monday-Friday 6 p.m. 9 p.m
Saturday-Sunday 9 a.m. 9 p.m.
Holidays and Non-School Days 9 a.m. 9 p.m.


  • Residents are allowed to write/send one letter per day. The facility will provide stamps. Residents may receive mail.
  • Staff search all mail prior to distribution to residents for contraband.
  • Notes or non-stamped US mail is not allowed. 
  • All visitors must be a legal guardian or on a list approved by the referring agent.
  • All visits need to be set up with staff prior to arrival. Please call to schedule your appointment. 
  • Legal Guardians have the right to an initial visit anytime. After that, visiting hours will apply.
  • All visitors will be required to show proper photo identification and will be required to sign into the visitor log.
  • NO cell phones, food or beverages may be brought into the facility.
  • Visits are limited to 1 hour in length.
  • Visits may be monitored by facility staff and may be terminated at staff discretion for not following visiting rules.
Please note: Visiting times are subject to change without notice.
Alternative visitation times will be considered for families who are unable to visit during normal visitation hours.
Day(s) Start Time
End Time
Tuesday 6 p.m.
7 p.m.
Tuesday 7 p.m.
8 p.m.
Tuesday 8 p.m.
9 p.m.
Wednesday 7 a.m. 8 a.m.
Wednesday 8 a.m. 9 a.m.
Thursday 6 p.m.
7 p.m.
Thursday 7 p.m.
8 p.m.
Thursday 8 p.m.
9 p.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. 8 a.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. 9 a.m.
Sunday 1 p.m.
2 p.m.
2 p.m.
3 p.m.
Sunday 3 p.m.
4 p.m.