Licensing Requirements
Potential foster and adoptive parents go through a similar process to be licensed and approved. Minnesota requires foster parents to meet licensing prior to placement. Scott County may place a child with a relative who is not licensed at the time of placement as long as the relative promptly completes the licensing process and meets the required standards.
Potential Adult Foster Care Providers go through a licensing process with Scott County Minnesota and then may need to determine if they would like to obtain additional licensing through the State of Minnesota. This additional licensing would allow them to be able to provide and be paid for certain Waivered Services for the adults placed in their homes.
Step 1: Make a Call
After reviewing the information here, the next step is to make a call to Scott County Foster Care at 952-445-7751 and ask to speak with a foster care licensor to set up an in-person meeting to discuss your interest and any questions. If after talking with a foster care licensor you decide you would like to proceed with the licensing process, then you can request an application packet.
Step 2: Complete the Application & Fact Sheet

Complete all the documents in the application packet and return them to Scott County Foster Care Licensing. When the documents are returned to the agency, a Licensing Worker will be assigned to work with you through the licensing process.
Step 3: Initiate a Background Study
Scott County will assist you to get fingerprints for the individuals in your home who are age 18 and over for the background study. Background studies are conducted by the Minnesota Department of Human Service. These background checks include social services, juvenile and adult court records.
Step 4: Open Home for Visit & Study
A licensing social worker will schedule a series of interviews with you and your family members to walk through and explain the licensing process.
Step5: Participate in Training
A licensing social worker will inform you of the required training to obtain your license and any recommended training. For Child Foster Care, you may be asked to attend several additional training sessions, depending on your parenting experience and to develop an understanding of the Child Welfare System. For Adult Foster Care, there is required training on Vulnerable Adults and being a Mandated Reporter.
Step 6: Receive Foster Care License
The foster care licensing process currently takes about 4 to 6 months, depending on your schedule. Once all the licensing requirements are met, your Licensing Worker will recommend you for foster care licensure to the Minnesota Department of Human Services.
For More Information
For more information, please visit the resources page or contact the Scott County Minnesota Foster Care at 952-445-7751 or email.