The rewards of being a foster parent for children include doing the little things every day that show you care - take the children to school, take them to an appointment, fix dinner, read a bedtime story, and teach life skills along the way. Basically you provide daily care and guidance with acceptance and patience. There will be challenges along the way, but knowing you are making a profound impact on a person’s life is immensely rewarding.


  • Be a positive influence in the life of a child
  • Make a difference in families and communities
  • Share in the growth of a child
  • Help a child build a foundation on which to be successful in the community
  • Contribute to the lives of children and families
  • Tell bedtime stories
  • Attend local school, team, cultural, and social events with a child
  • Be a caring adult in the life of a youth - possibly beyond the time the youth is in your home
  • Assisting the youth to learn independent living skills
  • Helping a youth transition to being an adult
  • Assisting the youth to pursue post-secondary education or employment
  • Assisting an adult to safely live in the community
  • Teaching the adult some independent living skills
  • Establishing and maintaining family and community connections for the adult