Adult Foster Care

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Adults who are entering foster care depend on many people to help them transition to their new home.  The foster care provider plays a big role in helping residents get acclimated and feel like a part of the household.
As an adult foster care provider, you will be a part of a team supporting an adult placed in your home. Included in that team are:
  • The Licensing Worker who helps you through the licensing process and is available for ongoing support and consultation.
  • The Case Manager works with their client and his/her team to create an individual plan for the client. The plan may include some goals for the client to work on with the foster parents help.
  • The Guardian is someone appointed to make decisions such as medical, financial or help decide an appropriate place for their client to live
  • The client's family may give input for their loved one's individual plan or visit their loved one at the foster home or have the loved one come back home for a visit.
  • Other agency and community professionals working with the adult and family.