Teen Readers

teen readers button - teen sitting readingWhat Are Teens Reading?

What a great question! Teen books, also known as Young Adult books, are transitional books between children's novels and adult literature. YA books have exploded in popularity since the late 90's, which means there are more options to engage 7th-12th grade readers. All our teen books are labeled "YA" but we can help narrow down what's best for your reader. Don't hesitate to contact us for recommendations!

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What does a teen reader work on?

A teen reader (7th - 12th grade) is reading independently but still developing as a reader. They're developing skills like:

  • Advanced Fluency: Stamina to read longer texts (example: novels) and knowing when to change approach based on text type (examples: poetry, plays)  
  • Advanced Vocabulary: Learning and applying academic vocabulary with progressive difficulty
  • Advanced Comprehension: Fully understanding long texts, making connections to other texts, and applying background knowledge to critically examine topics