Child Support

Obtaining Child Support

Child Support services are offered through Minnesota counties. Either parent, with or without custody of their children, may receive these services. Families not receiving public assistance must apply for services by completing an Non Public Assistance application.  You can obtain an application by calling our office.  We will send one out to you if requested.
Families receiving MFIP, medical assistance, and child care assistance automatically have an open child support case.  Families must cooperate with child support efforts to continue receiving benefits. County child support offices use a variety of tools to set and collect support.

Types of Services

Child Support services include:
  • Locating non-custodial parents
  • Establishing parentage
  • Establishing and enforcing child support orders which, includes medical support and child care support
  • Collecting current and past due support

Collections & Enforcement Tools

  • Withholding child support from pay checks
  • Intercepting Federal and State tax refunds to pay child support arrears
  • Reporting those owing child support arrears to credit bureaus
  • Suspending or revoking state issued recreational and occupational licenses for failure to pay child support
  • Reviewing and adjusting child support orders periodically
  • Intercepting lottery winnings of more than $600
  • Adjusting child support orders for cost of living increases every 2 years
  • Bringing court actions for contempt against parents who are not paying their court ordered support
  • Statewide child support enforcement system