COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Surveillance Report (published weekly)

Click here to view the latest information about COVID-19’s presence in Scott County, the State of Minnesota, and nationwide. This opens into a .pdf document.

Scott County Building Mask Requirements, updated May 3, 2022

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Scott County has looked to OSHA, the CDC, and MDH for recommendations and guidance related to safe workplaces. Effective February 28, Scott County will no longer require staff or customers to wear masks or face coverings within County facilities, on County properties, in County vehicles, or when conducting County business (unless our staff is conducting business in an area, building, or facility that has rules to the contrary).  

Visitors and employees who feel more comfortable continuing to wear a mask or face covering are welcome to do so and are supported in those actions. 

Updated 5/3/2022

  1. County Buildings & Drop Boxes
  2. Jail & Sheriff's Office
  3. Juvenile Alternative Facility (JAF)
  4. Building Inspections
  5. Chemical Health
  6. Child Protection
  7. Child Support
  8. Child & Foster Care Licensing
  9. Community Corrections
  10. Customer Service
  11. Economic Assistance
  12. Elections & Voter Registration
  13. Employment & Training
  14. Home & Community Care
  15. Libraries
  16. Mental Health
  17. Parks
  18. Planning & Environmental Svcs
  19. Property & Taxation Services
  20. Public Health
  21. Roads & Transportation
  22. Veterans

County Buildings , Drop Boxes, and Facilities

To report an issue with a county building or other county-related item, please use the Report a Concern page.