2021 CSAH 42 Pavement Rehabilitation

  • Construction Year: 2021
  • Community: City of Savage
  • Corridor Served: CSAH 42
  • Project Lead: Scott County
  • Contractor: Bituminous Roadways
  • Start Date: May 2021

Traffic Impacts:

None at this time.

​Project Update:

None at this time.


This project encompasses the Eastern most 2-mile section of CSAH 42, from Louisiana Avenue to the border of Dakota County, in the City of Savage. This section of CSAH 42 was last overlaid with various projects from 2008 to 2011. This section sees the highest traffic volume in Scott County.

Work includes a 4 inch mill and overlay, turn lane modifications, storm sewer structure repair, sealcoating, ADA retrofits, sign replacements, and City of Savage utility repair. 

Purpose & Justification:

Annually. Scott County reviews its roadways and determines priority for pavement preservation. Keeping pavements in good repair and preserving the significant investment in the County's highway system is a high priority. Each corridor is evaluated for factors affecting the pavement to determine the most cost effective approach to pavement rehabilitation. As a part of our comprehensive maintenance approach, these pavement projects also include American Disabilities Act (ADA) trail ramp retrofits, and sign and post replacement work to bring these roadway features up to current standards. Sealcoating is included for each project.
42-22 Map