Investigations Unit

The Mission of the Investigative Unit is to serve the citizens of Scott County by investigating cases and assuring that the cases are brought to an equitable conclusion.

The Investigations Unit coordinates the on-scene investigations of major incidents.

Detectives investigate crimes that require an extended time commitment, expertise, or sensitivity. Detectives also conduct follow up on some crimes initiated through patrol reports. Serious crimes may require special expertise and more lengthy investigation than uniformed patrol deputies can provide. In addition, the Sheriff's Office Investigations Unit will help other local Scott County law enforcement agencies at their crime scenes, if requested.


The Investigations Unit is responsible for:

  • Coordination and follow up of major crimes such as homicide, robbery, sexual assault, fraud and burglary
  • Tracking registered sex offenders who have been released from custody
  • Interviewing victims, suspects and witnesses
  • Preparing and executing search warrants
  • Conducting surveillance
  • Processing crime scenes
  • Securing property and evidence


Specialized individuals in Investigations:

  • Crime Scene
  • Narcotics
  • Welfare Fraud 
  • Computer Forensics, Take it to the Box, evidence/property 
  • Forfeitures, vehicle release, domestic assault