Types of Sales

The Sheriff’s Office conducts several different types of sales:

  • Judgment and Decree Sales
  • Mechanic’s Lien Sales
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Sales
  • Writ of Execution (personal or real property)

Each one of these sales has many different requirements for notification. If the sale notice is to be posted as per civil procedure law, it will be posted in 3 locations within Scott County.

Mortgage Foreclosures

For published mortgage foreclosure notices, refer to any of the newspapers published within Scott County: Jordan Independent, Prior Lake American, Savage Pacer, and Shakopee Valley News.

Mechanic’s Lien Sales

Mechanic’s lien sales are published 3 consecutive weeks in one of the above listed newspapers in the legal notices section. Publishing the notice is the responsibility of the lien holder. The publishing newspaper is at the lien holder’s discretion. These notices are not posted.

Writ of Execution Sales

Depending on the type of Writ of Execution sale, publishing and posting may vary. If the type of sale requires posting, it will be posted in 3 locations. If it requires publishing, it will be published in one of the newspapers published within Scott County.