Why is Scott County looking for volunteers?
In the event of an emergency, it is estimated that Scott County Public Health will need 348 board approved volunteers to adequately meet the needs of our community members.

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1. Is the Medical Reserve Corps a state-wide organization?
2. Why is Scott County looking for volunteers?
3. Does Scott County Public Health have a plan to respond to emergencies?
4. How do I join the MRC?
5. Do I have to live in Scott County to join?
6. Do I have to provide my license or certificate information?
7. Can I still volunteer if I don’t have a license or if my license has lapsed?
8. What safety precautions are taken for MRC volunteers?
9. Should I be concerned about personal liability as a MRC volunteer?
10. When might the Scott County MRC call me to help ?
11. What are some things I may be asked to do?