Quick Start
Zinio eMagazines are available on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Get started by going to the Scott County Library Zinio page and checking out a magazine. You'll set up an account using your library card information with your first checkout. 

If you want to know more before you start you can scroll through 
How to Use Zinio eMagazines (PDF) or watch a video on using Zinio eMagazines and/or the Zinio iPad App.

Other eMagazine Options

Our resource page on Magazines & Newspapers includes Consumer Reports (full text and graphics from the print version) and many other popular titles in MasterFILE Premier.

Help with Zinio

Submit your question to the form on the Zinio Help page. You can also call the Zinio Help Desk at 1-877-772-8346 (toll free) 6:30 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday.

More Help

Please use our Ask a Librarian Form for more Zinio help. 
If you don't know your PIN, you can reset it by logging in to our catalog​ (if we have your email on file) or by contacting a library.​

If your privilege has expired or you can't sign in, we might need update your library card. Use the Ask a Librarian Form and send in your full name and library card number along with your current Scott County address, current phone number, and your email address.