CH 21 Pavement Settlement Repair

  • Construction Year: 2019
  • Community: Prior Lake
  • Corridors Served: CH 21
  • Project Lead: Scott County

​Project Details

This project will be tied to CH 21/TH 13 Downtown Prior Lake Reconstruction project. 

The settling has resulted in a depression in the desired road profile, and caused the failure of the originally intended drainage system in the area.

​Purpose & Justification

Repair a segment of County Road 21 that has settled significantly since the road was originally constructed. The overall project objective is to return the roadway to its originally proposed grade and elevations, improving drainage and safety to the traveling public. 

Project Location

21 settlement
  1. Highway Department

    Physical Address
    600 Country Trail East
    Jordan, MN 55352


    Phone: 952-496-8346