TH 169 / Mobile Manor Frontage Rd

  • Construction Year: 2018
  • Community: Jackson Township
  • Corridor Served: TH 169 & CH 69
  • Project Lead: Scott County
  • Contractor: Northwest Asphalt, Inc.
  • Construction Start Date: 4/23/18

Construction Progress/Schedules: (Updated 4/19/18)

Construction progress has been delayed due to several snowfalls, the week of 4/23 you will start to see activity on the job site. 

Traffic Control Changes: (dates subject to change)

No updates at this time


This project will construct a frontage road extending west and southwest from County Highway (CH) 69 along the south and southeast side of Trunk Highway (TH) 169 connecting to Mobile Manor.

Purpose & Justification

This project will improve safety and mobility in this area by removing direct access onto TH 169.

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