County Departments

  1. Administration

    Learn about the administration of Scott County.

  2. Community Corrections / Probation

    The primary function of Scott County Community Corrections is supervision and case management for individuals who have been placed on probation by the First Judicial District Court.

  3. Budget Office

    The Budget Office is responsible for the financial oversight of Scott County.

  4. Building Inspections

    The Scott County Building Inspections Department helps ensure building safety and protects community character for the eleven townships by enforcing zoning and building code regulations in a professional and efficient manner.

  5. County Attorney

  6. County Sheriff

    The Scott County Sheriff’s Office enforces the laws, maintains order, and preserves public safety throughout the community.

  7. Customer Service

  8. Elections Department

    The Elections Department serves more than 77,365 registered voters in the county; providing voter registration and election administration services for federal, state, and local elections.

  9. Employee Relations

    The mission of Employee Relations is to provide professional support and leadership in the management of County human resources.

  10. Environmental Services

    Information about Hazardous Waste, Natural Resources, Recycling, Septic Systems, Watershed Management, and more...

  11. Facilities Management

    Gather information about the Facilities Management Department.

  12. Health & Human Services

    Learn about various services provided to Scott County adults, children, families, and more.

  13. Information Technology

    Information Technology’s primary purpose is to provide leadership, support and service that enables Scott County business units to achieve their objectives to provide a safe, healthy, and livable community through citizen-focused activities.

  14. Land Records

    The Scott County Land Records Department is responsible for recording and housing documents from real estate transactions related to property within Scott County.

  15. Library

    Explore your Scott County Library!

  16. Parks & Trails

    As a regional park implementing agency for the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Scott County is creating a park, trail, and open space system that enhances the health and spirit of our residents and our guests by connecting people to the natural world.

  17. Planning & Zoning

    The department is legally responsible for planning and zoning in all eleven townships within the County. The Department works collaboratively with the townships officials (local road authorities) in making decisions and guiding development.

  18. Property Assessment

  19. Property and Taxation Services

  20. Roads & Transportation

    Learn about how the roads and transportation system of Scott County is maintained.

  21. SmartLink Transit

    SmartLink Transit is your premier mobility management team that includes Dail-A-Ride, Medical Assistance and Volunteer Drivers for both Scott and Carver counties. SmartLink Transit can get you anywhere in the seven county metro area.

  22. Surveyor

    Learn about the duties of the County Surveyor.